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Where Can You Find Information About Home Schooling?
If you're not a professional teacher and would like to home school your child, you are probably looking for tips on how to go about planning a curriculum as well as daily lessons. There is a lot of information about home schooling on the Internet. Several organizations and magazines provide detailed information about how to get started and offer continuing support as well.

Home Education Magazine (HEM) is published every other month. HEM is available through subscription, or you can also get a copy from most libraries. HEM prints articles on such topics as "how to get started" and "learning to read." This one also offers a free home schooling guide you can order online.

Other Home Schooling Resources
Other resources for home schooling include: National Home Education Network, Home Schooling - Steps to Getting Started, Yahoo's Education Resources,,, The Homeschooling Zone, ADPRIMA Recommended Education Resources, and the Home Education Association. All of these resources can be accessed online. also provides local information about home schooling in your area.

When you are considering home schooling, you will need to contact your local school board or state government to find out what the home schooling requirements are in your state. There is currently no uniform law governing home schooling at the national level, so it's important to make sure that what you are doing will meet local guidelines. Some states require testing of the children and all states require that children who are home schooled are registered as such.

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