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Fortunately for those who choose home schooling today, there are a lot of online resources available to make your job a lot easier. You will find facts, tips, and software options online as well as ways to establish a curriculum that will work for your child. If you have made the decision to home school your child, or even if you're just beginning to consider this option, you will find a substantial body of information right at your fingertips on the Internet.

It's possible, in fact, to find companies that offer programs, either software packages or textbooks and other materials, that will help you to get started and will guide you through each year. Some companies offer different levels of support throughout the process. This support may come in the form of monthly newsletters, online FAQs, online support, or telephone contact. Usually, there are varying fees associated with the different levels of support.

Finding the Home Schooling Information You Need
One popular form of online support is home schooling magazines. There are several to choose from, but most will be a valuable resource for you, especially as you begin your journey. Such topics as the mechanics of home schooling, defining your home schooling mission, and home school information links will help you to get organized and become more and more confident that you CAN successfully home school your child.

Whatever your reason for home schooling your child, someone out there on the Internet has done it before you. For example, if you are opting for home schooling because of a religious preference, you will be able to find support simply by typing in "home school religion." If you are concerned about how well your home schooled child will interact with friends who have attended a traditional school, you may find help about integrating your child in traditional school sports or other activities in your local area. You can also use home school chats to make friends online who have more experience and who can help you by exchanging information with you.

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