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When you're just beginning to think about home schooling your child or children, you will have a thousand questions. Unless you know another home schooler, just the concept of teaching all of the subjects your child will need to learn can be a little daunting, let alone the idea of establishing a valid home schooling curriculum, starting at the right place, and measuring progress. Fortunately, you're already at one of the best places to get the help you need.

There are hundreds of home schooling websites on the Internet offering everything from home schooling packages to down-home advice. What you select when creating your home schooling process may depend on your child's age, your familiarity (or lack of familiarity) with traditional education, and , of course, cost. Some home schoolers like an approach that incorporates a combination of several resources.

Meeting Home Schooling Requirements
The best place to start your Internet journey is at your state's web page wher you can check into its legal requirements or regulations regarding home schooling. Once you know what you have to do, you will be able to make the right choices from the hundreds of options you will find online. The Internet is a great resource for home schoolers. It includes information on getting started, developing a course of action, complying with legal requirements, measuring your child's success, where to get textbooks, where to sell books, and much, much more.

There are even home schooling Internet programs available, from discs and textbooks to interactive, online programs that will guide your teaching from kindergarten through high school. If you're serious about home schooling, you can be sure you'll find the resources you need. And, in addition to the numerous items for sale online, you will also find valuable chat rooms and forums where you can exchange ideas and information with other home schoolers.

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