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Home School Resources

Home Schooling Resources

Home Schooling Support
Teachers who work in schools have daily contact with other teachers, school district support staff, and principals. All of these people support the teachers in their work, and there is a constant exchange of information among all of these groups. A parent who elects to home school a child may feel very much alone, especially if s/he does not know where to look for support.

Teachers who are faced with a difficult situation regarding a student have immediate access to other school professionals. As a parent at home, however, you will have to rely on other resources when you have a concern about your child's progress, how to teach a subject with which you are not particularly familiar, or how to encourage a love of learning. Many of these resources are available online. Some are included with home school programs you can purchase on the Internet. Still other resources online can be chat-room interactions with other home schoolers.

Where Else Can You Get Help?
There are other ways to find the support you need. There may be a local association of home school parents in your area. Your school district may be able to provide information about such groups, or you can check for them online by entering the name of your city. Finding a local group can be very helpful because such groups sometimes exchange textbooks and resources.

Another source of support may be a subscription to a home school magazine. Several magazines you can preview online offer home subscriptions, or you can find them at your local library. These magazines provide very helpful information for beginners and seasoned home schoolers. There is even a website that offers information on how to start your own home school support group!

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